Grappa: Pomace and Passion

Man struggles to find a better marriage than that of wine and grappa. Born out of the remains of the winemaking process, grappa uses the distilled flavors of grape seeds, stalks, and skins to create an immaculate spirit. Like Eve born of Adam’s body, grappa is born from the art of winemaking, and the two drinks are passionately intertwined. It is the paragon finish to an evening of fine dining and a bottle of wine shared amidst loved ones.

“Over romanticized,” you may say of grappa and wine’s love-affair, but our respect for these fine drinks is deeply embedded in our family’s culture and in the experience we create at our restaurant.

If it suits you, if there’s a familiar spark or a new curiosity after reading this, perhaps include a taste of our Grappa collection when we have the pleasure of next seeing you. After your meal, begin your experience with a young grappa at a lower alcohol content, moving up to cask-conditioned grappa as you enjoy the afterglow of your evening with us. Learn the distinctions in their aromas, feel its motion as it swirls in its flute, savor the warmth as you consume it. And as always, our diligent staff can help you navigate our grappa selections to meet your personalized needs and wants for the evening.

Whether you’re seasoned in your love of grappa or not yet well-acquainted to its tastes, we promise this: by immersing yourself in a complete profile of Italian grapes via wine and grappa, with alert taste buds and an active mental presence, you will create a passionate memory worth holding on to for the rest of your life.

Until we meet again,
Grappa ‘72